Sam Shoppers Thermos Hydro Flask – Black (currently for SG only)

We have launched our Sam Shoppers Thermos Hydro Flask in Singapore (think Crazy Rich Asian)! A quality design and product made with stainless steel and ergonomic design for comfortable holding and easy storage in your bag or car.

Get it on Carousell SG:

With a capacity of 350ML, the flask is able to contain your daily dose of coffee every morning. Its thermal insulation is effective for 6 – 12 hours, perfect!
It comes in 3 components: the body, filter, and cap. They are easy to wash and clean. Did I mentioned filter? That’s right, you can also put your tea/coffee bag in the flask for your caffeine fix!

We will be launching Sam Shoppers Thermos Hydro Flask in the US soon! Do follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more updates!