Sam Shoppers™ Magnetic Phone Holder benefits!

No more sticky stains on your car’s windscreen/dashboard from phone holder using sticky suction pad. Sam Shoppers™ Magnetic Phone Holder can easily be mounted onto your car’s air-vent and also easily dismount. Easy and fuss free!

You can also drive safely with peace without fear that your phone holder will fall off when you do any sudden acceleration or brake. Sam Shoppers™ Magnetic Phone Holder is sturdy and secure. The strong magnets also hold your phone firmly onto the holder. You can navigate your GPS or create your Vlog with ease!

Check out our Magnetic Phone Holder and also our Reusable Thermos Hydro Flask on Amazon U.S. (coming soon!) and Carousell Singapore by clicking on the link below:

Amazon U.S.

Carousell Singapore

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