How gloomy John became a positive person

I have known John since we were in preschool, and like all kids, both of us were full of confidence, curiosity and positivity. He has always been a boy full of artistic passion (he loves drawing different designs of clothing using crayons). In fact, his passion of designing made him excel in art class. When he started making bold color choices, the students often made fun of his choices. I always knew that John was seeing ideas which we were not able to visualize, but as the years go by, this difference made John “problematic” in the teachers’ eye. The other kids would also made fun of him. This was John’s first experience of the cruel reality in our world.

I was John’s best friend, or should I say, his only friend throughout our academic years. Through this journey, I saw John change from a bright and confident young boy to a depressed young adult full of self-doubt. He was often bullied by cliques with superficial views in life. His designs also changed from bold colors, to dark colors and colors of what society perceived as “normal”. John was mould by the ideas perceived by the norms set by our society.

John eventually decided to give up on his dream of becoming a fashion designer and decided to conform his genius mind to the mediocre mindset of the majority. He took up accounting in college, and needless to say he did really bad and almost did not obtain his college degree. He landed himself in a small accounting firm and was a mediocre office executive leading a scheduled life defined by his job. He had forgotten his passion and dreams which were shining so brightly when we were in preschool. However, everything changed one fateful day.

John called and told me that he had stage 3 colon cancer and was hospitalized. Choking back tears while I was driving to see him, I decided that he has had enough negativity of this world to be seeing his best friend in tears. I had a flash of idea that he deserved to be exposed to positivity from now on. Putting on my best smile, I visited my best friend. For the first time, we talked freely in the cold hospital ward. We reminisced on our younger days and how he always has the boldest designs in art class., and John’s eyes slowly began to brighten up. It was in this chilly hospital ward that positivity started to creep upon us. I had the sudden realization that life is unpredictable, and time is slowly ticking away from us. Suddenly, John said “Go get me my laptop, I have an idea”.

John resigned from his job, and began to create designs on his laptop. His first few designs were dull, but they subsequently became brighter and more colorful. Perhaps this was a symbolic sign that John was slowly breaking out of the mould which society had set on him. For the first time since preschool, John was smiling brightly. The chemotherapy was making John weak; however, he never fails to maintain his passion and focus on his designs. Apart from the support from his love ones, John’s dream and passion were the anchors that were keeping him so positive and happy. He told me “If I ever survive this, I will pursue my dreams passionately and disregard all the judgements from other people”.

One day, the doctor announced to us that John’s cancer is in remission, and he is able to be discharged from the hospital. We all felt a sense of relief as if weights had been lifted from our shoulders. John looked at me in the eye and said “I’m keeping my promise”.

John embarked on his journey of fashion designing. He created hundreds of designs since his days in the hospital, and was publishing his work online and gaining recognition. His positivity remains strong till this day, and he has created a career for himself based on his passions and dreams. Just like his cancer, his depression has vanished without a trace.

Looking at John, I wonder how he fought his way out of the gloom and into the sunshine. He said “Passions and dreams, they are important”, and showed me this little notebook of his where he scribbled words of wisdom on how he maintained his positivity in the face of adversity and uncertainty during his time in the hospital. Indeed, passions and dreams are important anchors in everyone’s life, and beyond that, people need the discipline and awareness to embrace positivity in the world where negativity is in abundance.

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Why Are You Still Using Plastic?

Plastic has been a convenient product in our everyday life since the 1960s. We uses plastic as carrier for our items, drinks and even food among the other uses. Why are we so obsessed with plastic?  It has become a norm and convenience that we expect plastic every time we make any purchases that requires a mode of carrier, be it a bag or a cup. Let’s take a step back and think: Do you really need so much plastic in your life?

Plastics are made of material such as oil, coal, natural gas, and even plants. It gained popularity in the 1800s to replace scarce material for human usage, and was made to be durable and last forever. With the population increase, it is only natural that the usage of plastic increase as well. What would happen if a bulk of durable product that was made to last forever, increases in quantity in many folds?

Humans usually use plastics, such as plastic cups, bottles and bags, once and then discarded them. With an increase of such “use-and-discard” actions, it is no wonder that plastic has found their way to most areas of the world that causes an adverse effect on these areas.

Plastic bottles on beach.

Plastic wastes can be commonly found on land. Plastic, and especially chlorinated plastic, can release harmful chemicals into the soil and into the underground water sources. Living organisms relying on these underground water sources would in turn be adversely affected by these harmful chemicals.

Plastic waste on land

Oceans and marine lives are not spared either. People discarding tons of plastics into the ocean has dramatically affected the many marine lives in it. Marine animals often mistaken plastic as their source of food and would ingest these synthetic materials into their body and eventually die. The food chain would also be affected: The small organism such as the plankton would ingest the plastic, then fishes feeding on plankton would then be affected by the toxins, and this goes on in the food chain. Let’s not forget that marine animals are also often trapped in plastic bags and plastic rings and suffer as a result.

Plastic rings, deadly traps for marine animals.

Where would all these lead to? Yes, back at the humans. Remember we are also part of the food chain, and us consuming the contaminated seafood could result in cancer, immune disorder and birth defects. That’s not it. Using plastic products to store food and drink may also increase our exposure to harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (“BPA”), and this could affect our metabolism and physical development, disrupt sex hormones, etc. As if this is not scary enough, we could also face scarcity of food in the future when our ecosystem food chain has been disrupted by plastic.

Are your seafood safe for consumption?

Let’s help Earth be a better place to live in by reducing, or even stop, our usage of plastic. Here are some ways to help the environment:

  1. Use reusable shopping bags for your purchases.
  2. Stop using plastic straws; substitute with reusable straws.
  3. Skip disposable razors.
  4. Say no to disposable cutlery.
  5. Use your own reusable lunch box for take-away meals.
  6. Use a thermos flask/bottle for your beverages instead of plastic or paper cup.
  7. Use glass bottles to store your water.
Reusable shopping bag
Reusable thermos hydro flask for your daily beverages

Let’s do our part to save our only home in this vast universe. Remember: “Earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry

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